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Jamie Roe

About Jamie

Jamie Roe is a senior video game designer with over seven years of experience in the industry, where he crafts engaging and meaningful narratives for gamers worldwide. He has contributed to hit games like Hogwarts Legacy, For Honor and Age of Empires IV. His work includes but is not limited to outlining plots, writing dialogue, establishing pacing, characters and character relationships, and world-building.


Hailing from the seaside town of Bournemouth in the UK, he now lives in historic Chichester with his wife.


He’s a lover of all things fantasy, whether that be sweeping, epic adventures or close personal relationships set within a fantastical world. When he’s not playing a video/board game, exploring the South Downs or planning his next big adventure, he’s often keeping track of the Denver Broncos and their chances of making the playoffs.


With a fiery love for fantasy and a burning passion for spinning his own epic tales, he is now seeking representation for his debut epic anthropomorphic adventure, THE BOW OF FLAMING FUR, the first novel in THE GREAT LIGHTHOUSE series.

Games Jamie has worked on

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