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Inside of a Castle




The Great Lighthouse
An Epic Anthropomorphic Fantasy
Seeking Representation.
Copy of The King’s Bow_edited.jpg
About Jamie

Jamie is a senior video game designer with over seven years of experience in the industry, where he crafts engaging and meaningful narratives for gamers worldwide.


You can often find him playing a video/board game, exploring the South Downs or planning his next big adventure. 


With a fiery love for fantasy and a burning passion for spinning his own epic tales, he is now seeking representation for his debut epic anthropomorphic adventure, THE BOW OF FLAMING FUR.

Jamie Roe


My Books
Copy of The King’s Bow_edited.jpg
Book I: The Bow of Flaming Fur

Jamie's debut fantasy epic, and Book I of the Lighthouse Series:

Asher had always lived a simple life on the streets of White Cliff City, helping those in need while having fun with the local authority, but when ferocious Ratkin invade, the young Rabbitfolk is thrust into a world of responsibility he had always feared.

With the help of a stern but skilled agent of the Vulpen Queendom, he must find the King’s Bow, an ancient relic and the only thing that can unite his people against the Ratkin scourge. However, a Vulpen High Priestess has her own plans for the weapon... and Asher's blood.

With the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance, Asher must prove his worth, thwart a priestess’s sinister ambitions, and safeguard the world from the holy fury lying dormant within a silver coffin.


Getting his paws on the King’s Bow first is Asher’s only hope.

**Seeking Representation**

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Book II: TBD

Jamie is currently working on his next novel, which promises to be just as thrilling and captivating as The King's Bow.

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